Wednesday, May 6, 2009

who knew?!?

hello NJ bloggers!!

Who klnew that I have the!? well...i oopsied ONCE again (this is where you smile and softly say "oh nissa" ) I put out a new subscribomatic thingie. if you could pop by and give it a good ol' would be most appreciated!

also on the who knew?!?

even though I am the OOPSIE Queen...I am a builder as well (stop laughing...seriously stop it!! LOL) i decided instead of making a sign for the teleporters it would be easier building stairs, lol. OK...maybe not...but thats nissa logic for ya! LOL

~*a graphite picture I did a few months ago...thought I would share with ya'll*~
....and more for who knew?!?

I have items on xstreet/slx/slexchange...not sure if i oopsied on them but peeps are grabbing the dollarbie I put out!

hugs and kisses