Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

The new store is moving right along. Niah Larson (LMC & Lillith Mills) has added my designs, gowns etc to her website including my addresses for this blog, the store and slx. pretty cool eh?

check her out at...

Beloved Pastel's have been added to slx and I am running a special on those gowns... $50 grab em while you can!!

I'm working on 2 new groups while finishing up other things! Lots of Goodies coming soon!!

have a great day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

who knew?!?

hello NJ bloggers!!

Who klnew that I have the occasional...um...oopsie?!? well...i oopsied ONCE again (this is where you smile and softly say "oh nissa" ) I put out a new subscribomatic thingie. if you could pop by and give it a good ol' salorooni...it would be most appreciated!

also on the who knew?!?

even though I am the OOPSIE Queen...I am a builder as well (stop laughing...seriously stop it!! LOL) i decided instead of making a sign for the teleporters it would be easier building stairs, lol. OK...maybe not...but thats nissa logic for ya! LOL

~*a graphite picture I did a few months ago...thought I would share with ya'll*~
....and more for who knew?!?

I have items on xstreet/slx/slexchange...not sure if i oopsied on them but peeps are grabbing the dollarbie I put out!

hugs and kisses


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my dear friend

it's amazing the people you meet...and the friendships make, unconditionally without judgements. this woman has the biggest shoulders a Friend could have to cry on and even bigger....(no not her ta-ta's) is the woman's heart. Ruby made this picture for me and it is up on display now in my store. It was a special giveaway for a group we are both in and adore (TTT aka Twisted Thorne Textures).

to do such a fabulous job...obviously the woman does nothing all day long...hmmm...kinda like me! LOL

(passes the bon-bons over to Queen Ru, lol)

new new new

This is my next set of silks in several colors....not finished YET so be patient!

Julia will be in several colors and will come wiht Jewelry as well

new Store!


it is slwoly coming together. while trying to get things set up i ahve been creating and finishing new things as well. so i am happy to say that my creative

ok ok...i oopsied

hee hee

i oopsied...messed up etc...

redoing the blog...gimme a bit to do so?